New R Package: respfun

Mar 18, 2019 One-minute read

I just created a new R package to release some functions that I find useful when working with respirometry data:

I’ll be adding more soon, but for now it only has one function: split_rate. We used this in our recent paper in MEPS on social squid metabolism. It’s a function to divide a metabolic rate between a group of individuals based on their masses and a metabolic scaling exponent.

Stay tuned for more additions to the package soon. These will be functions that could easily fit into my other respirometry package respR but are a wee bit more specialised, and we want to keep that package lean and mean.

I will however make sure the functions in respfun integrate well with respR where possible. For instance, split_rate recognises objects saved from respR::convert_rate and the rate and units will be automatically extracted. See the Github page for a nice example of how it can be integrated (or %>% piped) into a respR workflow.