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Article on The Science Breaker

I wrote a summary of our PNAS study for the popular science blog, The Science Breaker.

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I’ve been experimenting with Shiny for a few years now.

caRey - New R Package

I have a new R package on my Github, with a very imaginative name:

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Soda Bread

Every time I make this bread for someone new they ask for the recipe, and I always forget to send it, so from now on it’s right here.

attackR - New R Package

I just released a new R package - attackR, which contains the code we used in our recent PNAS study in which we examined how humpback whales are able to sneak up on easily-scattered anchovies, a counter-intuitive finding related to their large size and approach speeds.

PNAS study in the the popular press

We picked up quite a bit of press for our recent study in PNAS on humpback whale foraging on anchovies.

New publication in PNAS

Delighted to see our long-gestating, complex study published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and also featured on the cover!

respR assigned to an issue in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

The Methods in Ecology and Evolution paper for respR has just been assigned an issue.

respfun - Updated with new functions

I just updated the respfun package with three new functions:

Need some help with your respirometry data and respR?

I recently put this offer up on Twitter and was amazed by the response: