Need some help with your respirometry data and respR?

Mar 23, 2019 2-minute read

I recently put this offer up on Twitter and was amazed by the response:

Loads of people got in touch, and it’s taken me a while, but I got through the backlog and wrote a script for each of them showing how to import and process their data in respR. I was really amazed by the diversity of organisms people are doing respirometry on. The majority were fish, but there were also people working on various invertebrates, and even a plant biologist examining oxygen production by aquatic plants. I was especially happy to be able to show this researcher how respR could be used with their data.

The offer has been super useful. Processing different types of data structure threw up a few bugs that we will fix in the next version. And seeing the different types of data and experiment people are working on really made us think about the functionality of the package. The major take away is how to analyse really huge datasets from swim tunnel, intermittent-flow experiments with tonnes of replicates. respR is able to handle these quite well at present (see here) but we are thinking hard about how to make this even easier. Once we have tidied up a few things for the next release, this will be the next major thing we will tackle.

This offer is still open and always will be! It may take me a few days (hopefully at most a week or two) depending on how busy I am with my own work, but I am always happy to help out to get people started with using respR.